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To St. Maximilian, witness of the Gospel
St. Maximilian, in you
I admire a living sign
of the novelty of the Gospel
and I thank the Lord
for the testimony of your life.
You show me how to love unconditionally
and thus to overcome aversion
towards those who hurt me.
You show me how to hope with trust
and to win the discouragement
which often I feel
when facing difficulties.
You show me how to risk with courage
in carrying out the works of God
as an instrument of the Immaculata,
and to find out
that I can find joy
in making myself a gift
out of love.
Pray for me,
so that Mary, our Mother,
may make me a credible witness
of Jesus our Lord.

To St. Maximilian, Martyr of Charity ?
St. Maximilian,
amidst the hate and lonely misery of Auschwitz,
you brought love
into the lives of fellow captives,
and sowed the seeds of hope amidst despair.
You bore witness to the world,
by word and deed,
that only "Love alone creates."
Help me to become more like yourself.
With you and Mary and the Church,
may I proclaim that
only "Love alone creates."
To the hungry and oppressed,
the naked and homeless,
the scorned and hated,
the lonely and despairing,
may I proclaim the power
of Christ's love,
which endures forever and ever.

To St. Maximilian, for Families
St. Maximilian Kolbe,
after spending your energy
for the proclamation of the Gospel
to all men
under the guidance of Mary,
in Auschwitz you gave your life
so that a family might not be deprived
of a husband and father.
By your heroic martyrdom of charity,
teach us that the value of family life
is worth our sacrifices also.
Just as you found in Mary
the channel of those graces
that strengthened you to be faithful to her Son,
help us to rejoice also in her
who was given to us as a mother
to experience
the strength of her intercession
on the path of life.
Be with us, St. Maximilian,
and pray for the special needs of our family.

To St. Maximilian Kolbe (1)
St. Maximilian Kolbe,
faithful follower of St. Francis of Assisi,
inflamed by the love of God you dedicated your life
to the practice of virtue
and to works of the apostolate.
Look down with favor upon us
who devoutly confide in your intercession.
Having consecrated yourself
to the Immaculate Virgin Mary,
you inspired countless souls to holy life
and to various forms of the apostolate
in order to do good to others
and to spread the kingdom of God.
Obtain for us the grace by our lives
and labors to draw many souls to Christ.
In your close conformity to our Divine Savior,
you reached such an intense degree of love
that you offered your life to save a fellow prisoner.
Implore God that we,
inflamed by such ardent charity,
may through our living faith
and our apostolic works
witness Christ to our fellowman,
and thus merit to join you
in the blessed vision of God.

To St. Maximilian Kolbe (2)
Saint Maximilian,
hear this prayer of praise and supplication
which I address to you with confidence and devotion.
I honor the sanctity of your life,
which was guided by unshakable faith in the mystery of Christ,
sustained by firm hope in the power of his grace,
and inspired by ardent love for God and neighbor.
Obtain for me the grace of always living in faithful
correspondence with human and Christian dignity.

I exalt your apostolic activities,
to which you dedicated yourself with fervent zeal,
to educate the People of God in the faith of Christ the Lord
and in the veneration of the Immaculate Mary,
his and our Mother.
Obtain for me the grace of working with all my energies,
alongside the Immaculata,
Queen of the world and Mother of the Church,
to promote the coming of the Kingdom of Christ among men.

I admire the heroic sacrifice
in which you freely offered your life
to save that of a brother.
Obtain for me the grace of believing firmly
that faith in Christ
is the only victory which conquers evil
and of working with the courage of martyrs
for the triumph of justice, love, and peace.

To St. Maximilian Kolbe (3)
O God,
who filled the Priest and Martyr Saint Maximilian Kolbe,
with a burning love for the Immaculate Virgin Mary
and with zeal for souls and love of neighbor,
graciously grant, through his intercession,
that striving for your glory by eagerly serving others,
we may be conformed, even until death, to your Son.
Who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God for ever and ever.