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Who would dare to suppose? (KW 1145)
Who would dare to suppose that You, O God Unending, Eternal One, loved me from all time, and even more than all time,
since it is from the very moment that You are God-hence You loved me and love me always?...
Even though I did not yet exist, You already loved me, and precisely because You loved me, O Loving God, You brought me forth from nothingness into being!
For me You created the heavens strewn with stars, for me the earth, seas, mountains, rivers and so many, many beautiful things on the face of this earth ...
But this was not enough: in order to show me close-up, how tenderly You love me, You came down from heaven with the purest of delight to this sullied and tear-stained earth, lived Your life amidst poverty, pain and sorrow; until at last, despised and derided, You willed to be painfully strung up on the shamed gallows between two thieves ...
It is through such a terrible and highly sacrificial means that You redeemed me, O God of Love! ...
Who would dare to suppose? ...
You did not however stop at this, but seeing that nineteen centuries would pass by, since these proofs of Your love poured themselves forth and that only then would I appear on this earth, you even took that into account!
Your Heart did not permit that I would be nourished only by the remembrance of Your great love.
So You chose to remain on this lowly earth in the Most Holy and Wonderful Sacrament of the Altar and now come to me and unite Yourself with me-fully, because under the form of food...
And now Your Blood flows in my blood, Your soul, O Incarnate God, permeates my soul, nourishes it and fortifies it...
O great wonder! Who would dare to suppose? ...
And what more could You have given to me, O God, in giving me Yourself to have as my very own?...
Your Heart burning with love for me directed You to grant me one more gift: yes, still one more gift!...
You told us to become your children, if we wish to enter the Kingdom of heaven [cf. Mt 18: 3]. And You know that a child needs a mother:
You yourself established this rule of love.
And so Your goodness and mercy created for us a Mother - the personal embodiment of Your graciousness and Your bondless love - and from beneath the cross on Golgotha You give Her to us and us to Her...
You are resolved, O God Who Loves us, that She should be for us a powerful Mediatrix of all Your graces and our Advocate - You will deny Her nothing, just as She is incapable of denying anything to anyone ...

Prayer to the Holy Trinity (KW 1305)
I adore You, O our heavenly Father,
because You placed
in the most pure womb of Mary
Your only-begotten Son.
I adore You, O son of God,
because You condescended
to enter the womb of Mary
and became truly her actual Son.
I adore You, O Holy Spirit,
because You deigned
to form in her immaculate womb
the Body of the Son of God.
I adore You, O most Holy Trinity,
O one God in the Holy Trinity,
for having ennobled the Immaculate
in such a divine way.
And I will never cease daily,
from the first moment I awake,
to adore You most humbly,
O Divine Trinity,
with my face to the ground,
repeating three times:
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit.
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be,
world without end.

Who are you, o Immaculata? (KW 1305)
O Immaculata,
Queen of Heaven and earth,
I know I am unworthy to approach you, to fall on my knees before you with my face to the ground, but because I love you so much, I dare beg you to be good enough to deign to tell me who you are.
For I wish to know you more and more, endlessly more, and love you more and more ardently, with boundless zeal. Also, I wish to reveal to other souls who you are, that an ever increasing number of souls may know you ever more perfectly and love you ever more ardently, so that you become the Queen of all the hearts that beat and will beat on earth at any time, and that as soon as possible, as soon as possible.
Some still do not know your name at all. Others, plunged in the mud of immorality, dare not look up to you; still others believe they have no need of you in order to achieve the purpose of their lives. Yet there are also some whom Satan-who refused to recognize you as his Queen and was thus turned from an angel into a devil-prevents from bending their knees before you.
Many are those who love you, who are fond of you, but how few are those who for love of you are willing to do anything, to labor, to suffer, and even to sacrifice their lives.
When will you, O Lady, reign supreme in all hearts and in each one individually? When will all the inhabitants of the earth acknowledge you as Mother, the heavenly Father as Father, and in doing so finally feel like brothers?

Allow me to praise you (KW 1305)
Allow me to praise you, O most holy Virgin..
Allow me to praise you, with my personal commitment and sacrifice.
Allow me to live, work, suffer, be consumed and die for You, just for You.
Allow me to bring the whole world to you.
Allow me to contribute to your ever greater exaltation, to your greatest possible exaltation.
Allow me to give You such glory that no one else has ever given You up to now.
Allow others to surpass me in zeal for Your exaltation, and me to surpass them, so that by means of such noble rivalry your glory may increase ever more profoundly, ever more rapidly, ever more intensely as He Who has exalted You so indescribably above all other beings Himself desires.
In You alone has God been adored beyond compare, more than in all His saints. For You God has created the world. For You God has also called me to existence. For what reason have I merited this fortune?
Oh, allow me to praise You, O most holy Virgin!

With the Immaculate One at the manger (KW 1236)
O Immaculate One, what did you think about when you for the first time placed the Divine Infant onto the hay?
Or, when you wrapped Him in swaddling clothes, took Him close to your heart, and fed Him with your own
milk at the breast? What sentiments overflowed your heart?
You knew well who this Child is, for the prophets had preached and announced Him. You understood it all far better than all the Pharisee and Scripture scholars. The Most Holy Spirit gave you incomparably more enlightenment than all other souls combined.
Moreover, how many mysteries about Himself did He make known exclusively to your immaculate soul, when the Holy Spirit of God came to dwell and act in you!
Already at the moment of the Annunciation, the Most Blessed Trinity clearly made known to you through the angel the plan of Redemption and awaited your response. You already then expressly knew what you were agreeing to, whose Mother you were to become. And now, He is before you as a helpless infant.
What sentiments of humility, love and gratitude must have filled your heart that night. When you looked upon the humility, love, and gratitude toward you of the Incarnate God!
Fill my heart, too, I beg you, with your humility, your love, and your gratitude

Prayers to Blessed Cottolengo (cf. KW 1345 and 1343)
For material needs ?
Blessed Cottolengo,
help us to extinguish our debts as soon as possible
and to make the new investments we need.

Blessed Cottolengo,
obtain from the inexhaustible fund of Divine Providence
the sums required.
We all nurture unlimited confidence
In Divine Providence.