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The spirituality of M.I. consists in living one's baptismal consecration in the light of the Immaculata, the gift of the Redeemer. On Calvary, Christ Himself accomplishes the first act of entrusting, giving the disciple to Mary and Mary to the disciple (cf. Jn 19:25-27), and thus the life of the disciple, from that moment, is characterized by her maternal presence (cf. RM 45).

To live out the M.I. Mission

M.I. members live their own baptismal consecration by welcoming the gift of the Redeemer from the Cross: "Behold your Mother" (Jn 19:27). They entrust and give themselves completely to the Immaculata with a view to their own sanctification and in order to collaborate in Mary's maternal mission to direct the heart of each person toward Christ.

Fr. Kolbe lived this vital relationship with Mary in a singular way, understood as a "transformation into her," a "becoming her" (KW 508) in order to achieve a more perfect union with Christ.

The total dedication of oneself to the Immaculata in the spirit of M.I. is a conscious and dynamic commitment to live the following of Christ after the example of Mary, to grow in faith, hope and charity, as to put oneself at the service of His salvific mission. It is necessary for M.I. members to adequately take care of their spiritual and apostolic formation according to the purposes of the Association.