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 Saint Maximilian 
 Maria Kolbe 
             THE SIX FRIENDS 

"The Holy Virgin does not need us, but she deigns to use us."

Thus, with the consent of the Father Rector, on October 16, 1917, the first meeting of the first seven members of M.I. took place, namely:

    1) Father Giuseppe Pal, a young priest of the Romanian Province;

    2) Fr. Anton Glowinski, a deacon of the Romanian Province;

    3) Fr. Quirico Pignalberi, of the Roman Province;

    4) fr. Quirico Pignalberi, della Provincia romana;

    5) Fr. Antonio Mansi, of the Neapolitan Province;

    6) Fr. Enrico Granata, of the Neapolitan Province;

    7) Myself.

The meeting took place in the evening, in secret, in a locked inner cell. Before us was a statuette of the Immaculata between two lighted candles.

For more than a year after that first meeting, the M.I. made no progress. In fact, all kinds of setbacks piled up, to the point that members were uncomfortable even mentioning it among themselves. One of them even tried to convince the others that the M.I. was something useless.

It was then that, with wonderful signs of election, the Immaculata summoned to her side Father Antonio Glowinski, and ten days later, Fr. Antonio Mansi, both victims of the Spanish flu. As for me, the condition of my lungs got worse: every time I coughed, I spat blood. That is when it all started to change.